10 Inspiring BBQ Ideas For Your Next In-House Barbeque Party

Be it summer or winter, there is no season or reason to not have a barbeque party. Loved by both children and adults, a barbeque party right on your own terrace or next may just be the surprise element that you’ve been looking for this year.

But then again, if you have not got a barbeque set-up at home, setting up one may require some help. And it is to help you with exactly this that we have come up with some fascinating bbq ideas. Take a look –

1. A Concrete Dining Table.

The highlight of a traditional barbeque party is everyone having dinner/lunch together. So, why don’t you just install a concrete dining table that would make up the best platform for serving and chatting? While any shape should just be fine, there’s a distinct charm about rectangle ones.

2. A Special BBQ Room.

Barbeque parties cannot become a slave to rain and slumber, right? So, to fight all of those, you can install a roof – a tiled one or a wooden one looks great – on your terrace or your garden.

3. Alfresco Dining.

Alfresco dining plans are catching up in India. If you love this idea, you can create your very own alfresco bbq station right at your home. Do keep umbrellas handy to be erected during rains.

4. An All-In-One Family Dinner.

An dinning table adjoining a neat barbeque station is all a family person can think of for lovely nights spent chatting with the entire gang.

5. The Cook’s Corner.

If you want your bbq station to be away from the party din, you can make your bbq station right amidst your garden – it’s closer to nature and so much fun. This works particularly great if you have a small space – you may set up the bbq at one corner and have socializing center on the other corner.

6. Lights All Around.

Who doesn’t love fairy lights and all sorts of fancy in their open-air barbeque parties? If you love one, hanging chinese lanterns or rice lights can always add charm to your bbq party.

7. Funky Wooden Barbeque.

If you love contemporary settings, a funky designed bbq setting made wholly out of wood may just be your thing. It’s stylish, quirky and classic – all at the same.

8. A Poolside Retreat.

If you are fortunate enough to have a pool at home, transform it into the best party space ever. It can be your own little oasis, especially during hot Indian summers!

9. Barbeque Station With A View.

Do you have a great view from your terrace or your garden? If so, you might as well utilize the same by setting your bbq space overlooking the view. This makes cooking so much easy and relaxing!

10. Split Level Cooking.

If you have space in your garden or your rooftop, you may split the area into two levels to enjoy your evenings to the fullest. Make sure to have the bbq area in the upper level and the relaxation area at the bottom!

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