AirGO AP360 Five-in-One MultiCooker Eliminates the Need for Extra Appliances

If your kitchen seems to be completely occupied by different cooking appliances, you require the AirGO AP360 Five-in-One Multicooker to eliminating the need for more appliances. This way your kitchen will appear to be more spacious and clutter free.

AirGO AP360 Multicooker is an advanced cooking gear that serves as a Crepe Maker, Indoor Grill, Mini-Oven, Robotic Stir Fryer, and Air Fryer. Using this single programmable cooking device, you can easily prepare various foods but without any need of age-old solutions.

 AirGO AP360

The device is capable of working throughout the day since you can easily prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner in this single cooking appliance. It can even work for the extended cooking periods for getting the job done leaving you with some of the most delicious recipes. It even saves your extra effort that you often have to put into for making some complicated recipes.

Its robotic stir fry feature enables users to cook and mix food hands-free. Moreover, the enclosed chamber for cooking makes the indoor BBQ experience completely smokeless. So, you can enjoy cooking your favorite smoked barbecued meats or veggies anywhere in your home, without worrying about smoke filling up the entire space.

AirGo AP360 has PTFE-free, non-stick ceramic coated pan that enables you to enjoy healthier cooking by using very less oil. It cooks food evenly through its advanced three-way heating system that works with radiated heat, conductive heat, as well as forced hot air that’s circulated inside for even heat distribution. This heating system also reduces your cooking time and energy consumption by up to 25% to 50%.

The illuminated cooking chamber also has a transparent glass lid to let you monitor your cooking progress without opening or closing the lid again and again. Due to its 5-in-1 function, AirGO AP360 Multicooker has drawn the attention of many urban consumers. This is because everyone wants to enjoy tasty meals at home but no one really has enough time to prepare some of the complicated food recipes. Using this single unit, they can easily prepare various meals without any need for several devices for preparing meals that they prefer.

You can purchase this multi-functional cooking device online on Amazon for US $179.99 or through the company’s official website for US $199.99.

 AirGO AP360

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