Aniva Cosa BBQ Grill Boasts Compact Multifaceted Design

Ignite the grill and enjoy a great cooking session with Aniva Cosa BBQ. It is not just a cool looking grill but quite compact and highly functional outdoor equipment. So, whenever or wherever you want to enjoy a party, you can easily carry it to the desired location and have a great summer time.

This multi-functional BBQ Grill needs charcoal to reunite functionality with innovative and unique design as per the needs of an urban lifestyle. The portable Cosa BBQ is perfect for any indoor or outdoor spaces. It can easily flip, slide, or lift between the cooking of raw meat. Hence, it’s your versatile succulent to cook meat and veggies with ease.

Aniva Cosa BBQ Grill

If we talk about its structure, the Cosa consists of a two-piece, lightbulb-shaped cast that’s powder-coated and highly heat-resistant. The lower and upper halves are well-hinged at the center to ensure that you can enjoy the cooking process. During the food preparation, you can easily flip over its top and slide in the hardwood insert. Furthermore, you can use it as a serving or carving table. The insert also includes side notches for holding sauce bowls or wine glasses.

Aniva Cosa BBQ Grill

When in grill form, the Cosa boasts a cooking surface of a 19-1/2-inch diameter. You may grill without the lid by removing its top half or simply go full chiminea with its top half in place. If you cook on it, you’ll feel that the cooking method is more like a pizza oven. Plus, you can use it as a firepit when not using it for cooking.

Highlighting features:

  • Elegant appearance
  • Delicious and efficient grilling
  • Rust-free and easy to clean
  • Excellent for garden and indoor usage
  • Can be used in various weather conditions

With the convertible top body, Aniva Cosa BBQ will soon become your favorite with its aesthetics and functionality. Compact but impactful design makes it ideal for top-notch grilling experience. So, it will accompany your pleasant moments while offering you an authentic barbecue experience with family and friends.

For its harmonious design, symmetrical proportions, and high build quality, the Cosa BBQ has received the Red Dot Award 2016.

For more information, visit the official website.

Aniva Cosa BBQ Grill

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