‘Coleman Natural Foods’ brings antibiotic-free barbecue meats to the market

Antibiotic-free Meat

With increasing demand for natural, antibiotic-free meats, meat brands like Coleman Natural Foods have brought antibiotic-free barbecue meats to the market. Just in time of Labor Day, the company has brought three new products including Natural Chicken Sausages, Ready-to-Cook Beef Burgers, Applewood-Smoked Bacon and Maple-Smoked Bacon.

Just like all the company’s products, all these new items contain no artificial ingredients and no added artificial preservatives. These meats come from animals raised without antibiotics or growth promoting drugs and fed an all-vegetarian diet free of animal by-products. So, it’s a sigh of relief to all BBQ enthusiasts who often remain concerned about added artificial preservatives in meats.

Antibiotic-free Meat

Consumers can expect good quality, taste, variety, and convenience when it comes to picking meats from Coleman Natural Foods. The new products are the result of thorough research that shows consumers want choice and convenience in premium proteins. No antibiotics in the raising of the animals, no artificial preservatives and no artificial flavors or colors – these all attributes are shared by Coleman Natural Foods’ products.

Not just now, but they started raising animals without antibiotics four decades ago, recognizing that consumers had issues with the use of antibiotics, as well as hormones and steroids for raising cattle. To provide consumers the hormone-free meat, the company has always worked with family farmers who share the company’s belief that nature didn’t intend for animals to be raised in conditions that require antibiotics.

According to the company, “We express that in a simple mantra: Real farmers. Real ingredients. Real good. Those are principles we’ve stood by for more than 125 years, and why we steer clear of what’s not real or not in the best interest of the animals we raise or the families we serve.”


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