Aquaforno II Stove is Seven-in-One Multipurpose Unit for Campers

Camping is always fun, but it somehow limits our cooking options as we can only prepare dishes depending on the type of grill or cooking stove we have with us. But unlike traditional cooking stoves, Aquaforno II is a multipurpose unit that performs seven different functions – all alone. Yes, you read that right. This single 20 kg stainless steel unit works as a Pizza Oven, BBQ Grill, Smoker, Water Boiler, Rotisserie, Outdoor Heater, and Clothes Dryer. Therefore, it is the ultimate companion for campers and adventure junkies, who like to spend most of their time outdoors.

The stove boasts a portable design and comes packed in a carry case and also has backpack straps that make it easier to transport it to any desired location with ease. Even the setup is super easy and takes only three minutes to start working as per your current need.

It is a perfect unit for campers, scout groups, glampers, barbecue lovers, families, and adventurers. Apart from cooking BBQ dishes, Pizza or other meals, this single device has various uses. Just sit around the Aquaforno II to keep yourself warm in a cold night, enjoy hot beverages or wash up using it as a boiler, or dry wet clothes by hanging your clothes around using its clip-on hooks.

Founders, Tim Rhodes and Karen Jenkins, came up with this concept when they have to organize a camping party for their daughter’s 13th birthday. They had to incorporate their daughter’s favorite food, pizza, into the mix, so Tim created a rudimentary pizza oven. Later the duo realized that this oven can also be used to serve other purposes and bring revolution to the outdoor cooking world.

The Aquaforno was created in 2011 and ever since the founders have delivered their award-winning, patented outdoor cooker to a huge worldwide customer base. Now the company is seeking funds for its second version Aquaforno II on crowdfunding website Indiegogo. You can pre-order it to support the project and also get it at an early bird price.


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