McDonald’s New Aussie BBQ Burger Slammed Online – Find Out Why?

Fast food chain McDonald’s in Canada has added a new Aussie BBQ Burger to its menu. This latest addition was done to promote the chain’s “World Taste Tour” and the makers were quite sure that people will love this new burger. But guess what??? Customers are not at all happy with this new Australian burger and even slamming it online.

This is because the burger fails to live up to its name and contains ingredients that are not even close to the original Australian BBQ burger that includes beetroot or pineapple. Instead of the common Australian ingredients, this new Burger is made from 100% Canadian beef, beet chips, lettuce, eggs, processed cheese, and BBQ sauce.

When the popular fast food chain is offering “Aussie Burger” customers do expect the authentic taste of the classic burger. But the chain failed to do so. Many disappointed customers even asked McDonald’s – “how the burger was “Aussie” without the original Australian ingredients or taste?”

Soon Twitter users started poking fun at this new burger that bears no resemblance to the Australian burger. One person said, “It bears no resemblance to any burger I’ve ever seen in Australia. I’ve seen it here in Canada & don’t understand how Maccas came up with the name.” Another one asked, “So, the only Aussie (thing) about is the BBQ sauce?”

And, someone mentioned about the use of beetroot chips instead of the sliced beetroot, saying- “If beetroot juice doesn’t drip from your elbows while eating, it’s not an Aussie burger.” Even we agree with this one as there are freshly sliced beets on a real Aussie burger, and beet chips don’t justify this new addition.

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Via: Yahoo.News

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