BBQ Inspired by Iron Maiden's Powerslave Album Cover Eddie Mummy

Iron Maiden’s Powerslave Eddie Is Now A Fire Pit & BBQ

If you love the heavy metal band, Iron Maiden, you most likely have their Powerslave Eddie Mummy t-shirts, tankards, porters, and mugs lying somewhere in your house. Now just these…

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Spitfire BBQ Grill

Spitfire BBQ Is Compact Yet Handy Grill For Outdoor Pitmasters

Nothing beats a summer of barbecuing in the outdoors with family and friends. However, you also need a perfect grill to fire up your favorite food. If you often travel…

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Hyba BBQ XL Charcoal Grill Folds into a Trolley Bag

Hyba BBQ XL Charcoal Grill Folds to Become a Trolley Bag

Do you enjoy self-cooked, homemade tasty BBQ dishes on the go? If so, you can carry your own BBQ grill set anywhere with you – thanks to the new Hyba…

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Nohum Grill

Nohum Grill is Perfect For Small Yard, Patio, or Balcony

Barbecuing in a small yard or a tiny balcony or patio is quite challenging. Obviously, the lack of space is a major issue, and the huge size of the charcoal…

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Ignite grill

Ignite Grill Turns Charcoal Grilling Smart With Push-Button Ignition System

Everyone loves to barbecue in summer. But many people don’t like the hassle that comes with charcoal grills. After all, it’s quite complicated to ignite the grill (and it comes…

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Miller Lite's Beercoal Charcoal

Miller Lite’s Beercoal is Beer-Infused Charcoal For Pilsner Loving Grillmasters

Do you love the summertime barbecuing with Miller Lite Pilsner in one hand? If you love to pair your BBQ food with your favorite Miller beer, Miller Lite has brought…

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Bricknic BBQ Planet

Handcrafted Bricknic BBQ Planet Allows Even Heat Distribution

Explore a whole new world of flavors with Bricknic BBQ Planet, which takes barbecuing to another level. It is a circular BBQ unit consisting of natural clay and boasts a…

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Orso Electric Grill - A Great Alternative For Outdoor Barbecuing

Orso Electric Grill – A Great Alternative To Gas/Charcoal BBQ Grill

The limited outdoor space in urban areas has forced consumers to look for devices that let them cook their favorite grilled summertime food indoors. However, for grilling many food items,…

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suitcase-style B2Q kit

Suitcase-Style B2Q Kit Enables Users to Grill Anywhere They Want

Summer is right upon us and if you love smoked meat and veggies, it’s the perfect time to bring out your grilling gear. While there are ample full-sized grill options…

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C - BQ By Metalco BBQ

C – BQ By Metalco BBQ Grill Boasts Aesthetic Yet Practical Design

With summer at its peak, there’s nothing better than weekend summer celebrations. And, there is no better way to enjoy summer evenings than outdoor barbecues. However, for that, you need…

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