Suitcase-Style B2Q Kit Enables Users to Grill Anywhere They Want

suitcase-style B2Q kit

Summer is right upon us and if you love smoked meat and veggies, it’s the perfect time to bring out your grilling gear. While there are ample full-sized grill options out there, portable BBQ grills have given everyone the convenience to cook at any outdoor location. A new addition to the compact, portable grills is the suitcase-style B2Q Kit. This portable, multipurpose grilling kit is the creation of Taiwan-based designers Kevin Von, Ranlin Design, and Yin Man Chan.

It is basically a conceptual BBQ kit that lets a BBQ grill fold up easily in a suitcase-shaped contraption. Hence, it’s easier to carry it anywhere for convenient setup and usage. The B2Q runs on a gas powered option, so it won’t attract many grill masters who prefer charcoal grills.

But it is surely an easier alternative for campers and nomadic grillmasters who are constantly on the move. The best thing about this small grill is that it’s lightweight, easy to set up, and very supports variety of cooking.

suitcase-style B2Q kit

Due to its convenient design, this BBQ kit is likely to shoulder your many grilling requirements. Meanwhile, it lets you cook on a beach, a park, or a campsite—anywhere you like. This portable BBQ is also great for tailgate barbecues where people usually need a portable grill.

Besides the ample cooking area, this BBQ grill even integrates all the necessary tools that one requires to grill the meat in this single suitcase. So, you don’t have to carry anything extra with you.

B2Q BBQ kit

The B2Q’s layered design consists of a top cover boasting an extendable small table, a chopping board; the BBQ, a storage compartment for cutlery and tools; a handle to carry the grill, and retractable telescopic legs for easy height adjustment. Once set up, you can ignite the flame and use the surface for cooking meat or veggies of your choice.

When not in use, you can fold all the essentials in a suitcase form and keep your BBQ kit in a car or carry it with you like a usual handbag. While this design is really impressive, we’re not sure when this suitcase-style B2Q kit will reach its production phase.

For now, you can check out its images (given below) to have a closer look at this barbecue equipment.

Parts of B2Q kit

B2Q kit

Via: Behance

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