Back to Fire GRL101 Boasts Acacia Handle For Convenient Cooking

Back to Fire GRL101 Boasts Acacia Handle For Convenient Cooking

Want to throw an amazing BBQ party but don’t want the bad smoke around? If so, you need to check out the Back to Fire GRL101 by Egoé Life. It is a round-shaped wood-fired steel barbecue with a solid firepit along with a refractory coating finish. The stainless steel grate comes with an acacia handle for convenient cooking without burning the food.

The cooking surface is stackable to adjust the desired quantity of food, as per the available surface area. This makes it a perfect backyard barbecue gill for a happy weekend time with your family and friends. Since warm weather is all about gathering people and cooking good meals together,  why miss out on the fun? Therefore, you need a right gear, like this round BBQ grill, for a perfectly barbecued meals for party.

Back to Fire GRL101 BBQ grill

With the Back to Fire GRL101, you get to cook your veggies and meat just like a conventional technique. But the grill’s compact and round design makes it a perfect modern, portable grill. Its layout makes it ideal for camping, tailgating, BBQ parties, or patio cooking.

So, you can invite all your friends and relatives over and tell them to bring any food of their choice to toss on this grill. This particular barbecue grill boasts a versatile surface for outdoor cooking. Plus, it can even work in seamless conjunction with the fire pits efficiently. Hence, you get to enjoy cooking with reduced smoke due to the grill’s design that effectively manages the smoke.

Back to Fire GRL101 grill design

When not in use, you can remove the grill for easy cleaning using a damp cloth or warm water and soap. After that, simply pack the grill into its carry case and store it in a car’s boot or your house cabinet. Or just keep it in your RV camper (if you have it) to always stay ready for your next road trip, camping trip, or any other outdoor event.

For more information and price quote, you can visit the company’s official website.

Back to Fire GRL101 Boasts Acacia Handle For Convenient Cooking

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