Baobab BBQ Serves American-Style Smoked Meat and South African Sausage

Chef Andrew Dunlop’s restaurant Baobab BBQ at 2301 W. Foster Avenue in Bowmansville is aiming to serve barbecue lovers with the best food they like. Keeping the preference of locals in mind, the chef prepares American-style smoked meat, St. Louis-style ribs, and brisket. Bringing the taste of his native country to the North Side, he also serves South African sausage, as well as cured biltong to let the customers enjoy some different flavors.

He prepared roasted chicken in his Cookshack smoker with mouth-watering flavors of fruit woods, oak, and hickory. Dunlop has worked in many Hilton properties and considers himself to be obsessed with American BBQ. But he always remained in touch with the true flavors of Johannesburg, where he grew up and spent his childhood. Therefore, he thought of incorporating both American and South African flavors when he was finalizing the menu for the restaurant.

Baobab BBQ is a 48-seat family restaurant that Dunlop wanted to open for a long time. For his dream, he even quit his job at LM Restaurant Group where he served as chef partner. He is an experienced professional chef who had the privilege to work with some famous chefs like Diana Dávila (Mi Tocaya restaurant), Kevin Hickey (Duck Inn restaurant), and Jennifer Kim (Passerotto restaurant).

Now finally he is running his own restaurant that’s serving customers with some of the best BBQ dishes. While you’ll find some already known barbecue sauces like Kansas City-style, mustard, and bourbon, Dunlop also serves South African-style monkey gland sauce that has a citrus taste.

At the restaurant, you can even enjoy a delicious breakfast that includes eggs and bacon, and corn-dogging boerewors. The traditional recipes on the menu will interest more South Africans who rarely find authentic South African flavors here. But Dunlop says that it’s not a BBQ restaurant, instead, it’s a place where barbecue lovers are served with a South African accent.

Baobab BBQ remains open on Tuesday through Friday (3 p.m. to 9 p.m.). On weekends, you may enjoy brunch from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., and after that its open for lunch and dinner.

Via: Eater-Chicago

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