Hello Lipstick Pig! Say Goodbye to Former Legends Bar & Grill in Minneapolis

Everything ending is a beginning of something new. This phrase perfectly fits the situation in northeast Minneapolis. Don’t worry northeastern folks, you don’t have to miss out on barbecue food. In fact, the owners of Eli’s Food & Cocktails have purchased the former Legends Bar and Grill building and now planning to convert into a chic barbecue restaurant, dubbed Lipstick Pig.

Scheduled to open sometime in June or July this year, the menu of the new BBQ restaurant will include St. Louis-style spare ribs, pulled pork, smoked prime rib, chicken, and brisket, pulled pork and chicken. Besides delicious food, the restaurant will also be serving draft beer, wine, and cocktails to the guests.

According to the new owners of this place, the similar northeast bar vibe will be maintained in the upcoming eatery. — meat raffle, pull-tabs,” Weber says. The Legend’s building, located at 825 E Hennepin Ave., is spread across the 7,000-square-feet area and includes a basement for live music performances. Lipstick Pig is expected to have meat raffles, pull tabs, and even a takeout counter after the renovation.

Opened in 1990, Legends was a sporty tavern for locals – ID’ed University of Minnesota students and neighborhood customers. But sadly, it closed its doors at the beginning of this month. Eli’s owners bought the property $900,000, as per the certificate of real estate value.

According to the new owners, they wanted to keep up the competition and found it a good deal to invest in something that could be soon popping up across the street. They wanted to expand their business on this street for a long time and good a good opportunity to start where popular Legends was set up once. Now the northeastern people have to wait a little more to enjoy barbecue food with some draft beer.

Via: Bizjournals

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