Enjoy Grilled Meals on Water With Barbecue Dining Boat

With Barbecue Dining Boat, you can take your barbecuing experience to another level by preparing grilled food on the water. This luxury orange metallic watercraft can accommodate over 10 people. So, you can have a good time with your friends over BBQ food.

The dining boat comes with a 24-inch-diameter charcoal grill for preparing delicious summertime morsels. There is a porcelain-coated, cone-shaped metal diffuser between the cooking grate and coal grate. It even includes a funnel that tapers down to the bottom to form a radiant bowl to prevent flare-ups and distribute heat evenly for indirect cooking, roasting, as well as baking.

barbecue dining boat

The grill is surrounded by a firm ABS plastic table, which features beverage holders and place holders. ABS plastic is suitable for outdoor use, as it has better UV resistance to prevent the bright orange color and its polished finish. Moreover, there is also storage space underneath the seats to help you plan for an entire day cookout.

This 24 feet water contraption is designed to float on a polyethylene hull. It also incorporates a 30-watt outboard motor that’s can maneuver 2 1/2 mph while passing through calm water conditions. The best thing about this luxe floating lounger is that it’s rechargeable and lasts up to eight hours on a single charge.

barbecue dining boat

The dining boat also comes with an 11-feet retractable umbrella, which is made from translucent cloth that could be printed for advertising. The package even includes a UV protective cover and a large round ice tray. Furthermore, the luxury grill boat can be decked up with the audio system and custom lighting for special occasions or date nights.

This floating BBQ dining boat is likely to make any boat lover and barbecue enthusiast go week in their knees. However, with a whopping $50,000 price tag, this luxury lounger is not for everyone. But it is definitely the best option for filthy rich, as well as luxury restaurants and resorts for their guests to have a good time.

barbecue dining boat

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