Redolab turns old gas tank into functional Barbecue Paradox grill

Barbecue Paradox Grill by Redolab -2

For eco-conscious customers, Italian design company Redolab has created an upcycled BBQ grill, dubbed Barbecue Paradox Grill. This outdoor grill has been made from an old gas tank. The bright red colored gas tank has been cut open to fix all necessary equipment inside for grilling purpose. As the name suggests, the ‘Barbecue Paradox’ is a design created out of a great paradoxical concept to make ‘a barbecue out of gas tank.’

The cylinder rests on four thin but sturdy steel legs and features a complete BBQ unit inside. The entire unit is 65 cm in height and weighs 18 kg. The structure is designed keeping portability in mind. This means you can easily relocate it whenever desired. Moreover, it is strong enough to bear bumps and knocks during transportation.

Barbecue Paradox Grill by Redolab -2

It houses a charcoal section in the bottom of the tank and grilling rack on the top. The grilling rack is easily removable to add necessary fuel to fire up the grill. The BBQ grill is perfect for preparing various mouth-watering smoky-flavored meat, burgers and sausages.

The team of Redolab is well-known for their passion for creating DIY products to minimize impact on the environment. The company says,

We interact with local companies and with those who already deal with collection and disposal of waste to create a virtuous chain and take the ‘philosophy’ of upcycling into a company that cares about the environment and the enhancement of our territory.

After looking at this upcycled barbecue grill it’s clear that the company is best at what it does. Meanwhile, shows us how unused objects around us can be converted into valuable products for routine use. Find more information on the official website.

Barbecue Paradox Grill by Redolab Barbecue Paradox Grill by Redolab

Via: Upcycledzine

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