Booze Dogs Offers BBQ Bratwursts Marinated with Premium Alcohol

Like art, food is another popular category for people to experiment with and bring out something out-of-the-box. In an attempt to do the same, folks at Booze Dogs have come up with their unique BBQ Bratwursts marinated with premium liquor without containing any synthetic ingredients. It is a perfect meal for those who like to enjoy their meal with a glass of booze.

These alcohol-infused bratwursts are available in three varieties of liquor: Bourbon, Rum, and Gin. To bring out their best, you can further combine them with your favorite beer cheese, or any other sauce you’d like to try with any of them.

Let’s find out how each one of them tastes like:

Bourbon Bluetick Brats

These Bourbon brats by Booze Dogs include some usual flavors that one would expect like slightly dry oak and vanilla essence. Well, it also has a touch of alcohol flavor that’s perfectly paired with the smoky taste. However, this one is not as firm as the other two varieties of BBQ bratwursts. You can team it with BBQ sauce and some homemade beer cheese and enjoy the best of its flavors.

Jolly Rover Rum Brats

For those who cannot get enough of rum, this one is a perfect offering from Booze Dogs. Along with the taste of rum, this is a perfectly smoked meat containing the strong flavor of cinnamon and slight sweetness of the rum. Like the previous one, it can also be paired up with any sauce you prefer.

Prime Gin-ister Brat

While some of you must be thinking that bratwurst infused with gin is probably not a good idea. Let’s break your bubble by saying that it is truly delicious and a must try the recipe. If you don’t like sweet varieties Bourbon and Rum, you can definitely try this one. It contains apple flavor along with some solid floral essence that makes it more tasty and interesting at the same time.

We’re sure you’d have your own favorite pick when it comes to these alcohol-infused bratwursts. But the overall quality of each one is a commendable and perfect combination of booze and brats. You must try them once, and do share your views with us about these delicious brats.

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