BBQ Grill Casemod: Computer That Doesn’t Have To Worry About Overheating

With newer innovations sparkling up the BBQ arena, the world has literally become a quirkier – albeit lovelier and more more scrumptious – place to live in. One of the most loved BBQ Grill ruling the stage is none other than the BBQ Grill Casemod, which resembles a computer!

Well, worry not – this is yet another technical innovation under the garb of BBQ cookers. If you pop open the lid, instead of a cooking space, you will find a complete gamers’ set up, with a monitor, a keypad and what not! The space, which was supposed to be the cooking arena, has yellow and orange bulbs fitted, which gives you the idea of cooking smokey BBQs as you play your game.

Isn’t it just wonderful? It’s a smart innovation, indeed, what say?

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