PizzaRev is Back with its BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza for Enthusiasts

If you have been to PizzaRev, you must have tried its BBQ Pulled Pork pizza. But for quite some time they stopped making this delicious pizza. But if you missed it and always wanted to taste it again, there a good news for you. The restaurant has decided to bring this popular pizza for their customers this summer.

Now, barbecue lovers can sink in their teeth into the soft, juicy pulled pork pizza that can even be customized as per the customers’ preferences. However, this offer is for a limited time so you must hurry to get your hands on this mouth-watering treat.

The restaurant guests can even select their ingredients of the BBQ pulled pork pizza. For a limited time, they can choose some of the ingredients like PizzaRev’s Signature gluten-free, thin, or double dough crust. You can further top it with sweet and spicy BBQ sauce, slow-smoked pulled pork, Applewood flavor, or fresh mozzarella. Unlike the customized pizza offering, the classic pizza is topped with crispy onions, BBQ sauce drizzle, and freshly sliced jalapenos

PizzaRev restaurant offers a complete customized eating experience for its guests for allowing them to create their own pizza with 30+ ingredient options, for the same price. Besides that, the eatery offers Oreo dessert pizza and custom entrée salads for health-conscious customers.

The restaurant is known for its speedy service, 900-degree stone oven for cooking perfect smoke-flavored BBQ pizzas. The pizzas are prepared to have that perfect Roman-style crispy touch within just three minutes. Furthermore, the restaurant has an inviting atmosphere with concrete floors, natural tones, and exposed ceilings. The focus of the restaurant is mainly to offer their guests with fun and interactive eating experience.

PizzaRev currently run in more than 45 locations, and also has other 200 franchises under development across Mexico.

Via: QSR

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