BBQ&co Grill : Barbecue Grill With Minimalist & Elegant Design

Whether you have a spacious backyard or a small apartment balcony, the BBQ&co Grill is a perfect minimalist BBQ grill for any part of your home. Created by Kyoto-based designer Seiki Ishii of Seiki Design Studio, this particular BBQ grill boasts a unique design. Its design is perfect to unite different cultures in today’s uncertain times. This wood-fired grill focuses on convenience and function. But it also highlights the aesthetics of authentic Japanese design.

BBQ&co Grill

 BBQ&co wood-fired grill features

It features a basic metal build, slender legs, and a black finish. Two legs of the BBQ grill are integrated with casters for easy relocation. The compact size of this outdoor barbecue is ideal to maximize its function. It also enables users to focus completely on cooking. Thanks to its elegant, minimal design, it’s perfect to blend with any outdoor area, such as balconies, terraces, and gardens.

BBQ&co Grill

Idea behind wood-fired grill with minimalistic design

Seiki came up with this idea of creating a minimalistic wood-fired BBQ grill while starting a fire in a fireplace. After experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic, the lead designer closely observed the dynamics of today’s city life. Since no one likes to compromise on the cooking when it comes to grilling fresh salmon sushi or preparing Churrasco steak, or any other palatable recipe.

Since we often share the cross-cultural cooking spaces in cities, our modern homes need such a compact and elegant BBQ grill. Speaking of this particular grill, it combines the style of Brazilian and Spanish BBQ grilling in one simple design that aims for evenly cooked delicacies.

BBQ&co Grill

The main focus of the BBQ&co grill is on building the relationship between the guest and the host. So, the person cooking the food is likely to communicate with your guest while focusing on the immaculate process of grilling. Besides that, this minimalist grill table comes with a baking table for easily customizing one’s cooking needs. Hence, its ultra-modern design is ideal for our urban homes.

Via: Design-Milk

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