High-Temperature Beefer Grill is for Some Serious Grilling at Home

Have you ever wondered why restaurant-cooked steaks taste better than what you cook at your home, even if it’s the same recipe? Well, it is because of the temperature of your home grill that’s able to go only up to 500 to 700-degrees Fahrenheit. But the beef you’re served at restaurants is cooked at a temperature above 700-degree Fahrenheit. To let you cook perfect restaurant-quality meat at home, German designers have created a compact, high-temperature Beefer Grill that can reach 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit and it’s indeed a huge deal when it comes to preparing steaks.

A high-temperature grill not only reduces your cooking time but also helps you to create steakhouse quality food, which is not possible with your usual home grills. The beef grill actually comes integrated with a ceramic heating element for maintaining optimal heat inside for cooking.

The ceramic heater is placed on the top, which is not very common in standard grills. This is done for placing a drip tray beneath the ceramic heater for holding fats and juices coming out off the meat, instead of burning them off. These juices can further be used to make delicious gravies and sauces to enhance the taste of your meal while minimizing wastage.

It looks like a box-shaped appliance, unlike any other traditional grill. One advantage of this grill is that it allows you to choose 10 different height levels when cooking steaks or other meat or vegetable pieces on the removable grates. This way you easily cook different foods in one device at the same time, moreover, choose how close or far your food item needs to be from the heating element. For instance, you can allow your beef steak to cook on top, closer to the heating element. Meanwhile, the veggies can be prepared underneath right in the juices dripping from the meat itself.

Beefer is a propane-powered grill that features electric ignition along with an AA battery backup. This makes it a convenient grilling unit for any in-home or backyard BBQ sessions. It has two stainless steel removable grates, allowing you to cook two food items at once. After use, you can simply throw the grate into your dishwasher for easy cleaning.

It is available on the official website in three sizes, and here’s the pricing for each set: US $899 for Beefer, US $1599 for Beefer XL, and US $2399 for Beefer XL Chef.

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