Reynolds Wrap’s Travel Job Will Pay You $10K to Find the Best BBQ in US

If meat is something you often long for, this might be your dream job. Lately, Reynolds Wrap has announced to give a fat $10,000 paycheck to someone who finds the best barbecue in America. The firm is looking for a new Chief Grilling Officer (CGO) in order to increase its barbecue content on social media. So, they’re calling out all meat enthusiasts, barbecue lovers or grill masters to whisk around the US for two weeks in search of the best BBQ served across the country.

For two weeks, you have to travel to different locations and visit various hotels and restaurants to know more about the latest trends or what new is served there. You will be given proper instructions that you have to follow for eating smoked meat, brisket, smoky sausage, or dry-rubbed ribs. Sounds quite interesting, right? A heavy paycheck for just feeding yourself isn’t a bad deal at all.

Well, the paycheck is indeed for eating and finding the best barbecue in the country. But you also have to participate in a Q&A’s with restaurant chefs, take some quality behind-the-scenes photographs, and also jot down the different recipes and cooking techniques used by different chefs throughout America. All your research and hard work will be featured on and the company’s other social media handles.

However, all details about this foodie trip are not clear yet, but as per a few sources, the CGO will visit Dallas, Kansas City, Nashville, Austin, and Memphis for two weeks. Probably they will be visiting some classic restaurants in America, such as Franklin Barbecue and Nashville’s, Franklin BBQ Austin TX Exterior Restaurant, Edley’s Bar-B-Que, and other BBQ restaurants.

The CGO will be asked to prepare an itinerary and mention all the details about their travel and the restaurants they visit. If you think you’re fit for this job, you can email to your entry to [email protected] along with your picture with a 100-word description on why you are suitable for this job. All entries will be accepted through Monday, August 13th.

Though there is no word on the fixed dates for the trip, Reynolds is hoping to start the trip this fall. So, pull up your socks, and start firing up your grill – as you could win big time through this trip.

Via: CNT

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