Bison Airlighter Is All You Need To Kickstart Your BBQ Grilling With A 2,600 Degree Flame

When it comes to delicious kebabs and grilled delicacies, there is hardly any cooking medium like charcoal grill, which wraps the food in flavors and aroma. If you love to cook and have cooked a specific item on your electronic/gas mediums as well as on charcoal grills, you will know what exactly we are talking about. However, one downside of charcoal grills is it’s quite time consuming when it comes to alighting in comparison to its gas counterparts. And this is exactly where the Bison Airlighter comes to great aid.

Bison is a Warwick-based (NY) company which loves their barbecued grills. In order to make charcoal grills as hassle-free as their gas or electric counterparts, they invented a contraption known as Airlighter.

Now, what is airlighter? Well, imagine a barbecue lighter on steroids which can produce fire in a giffy – there you have your Bison Airlighter. Using it is quite simple as well – all you need to do is load a small amount of Butane (which is also known as the lighter fluid) into the fuel chamber of the lighter. Thereafter, you need to pull the trigger, and your lighter will produce a 4-inch flame burning around 2,600 degree Fahrenheit. The flame can instantly ignite not only charcoal but wood as well, and once it is done, the flame cuts off while the powerful fan attached with it deliver the much needed oxygen to the air. This technology helps in spreading the fire across the fuel quickly and burn more intensely.

According to Bison, this innovation helps in igniting the fuel within 10 seconds and let the fire spread across the fuel in about a minute. Your cook top will be ready in just five to six minutes of time, which is kind of unimaginable with charcoal grills. Additionally, you have to use just a minuscule amount of Butane in the Bison Airlighter – you definitely do not want your grilled delicacies to smell of chemicals!

Although Bison Airlighter is not the first of its kind – a similar contraption called the Looftlighter from Sweden did make it to the market before but it used electricity to ignite the coil. Its limited reach is now fulfilled by Bison, which produces heat at 2,600 degrees.

If you are interested in ordering a Bison Airlighter, you may do so from their official website for around a hundred bucks. A small step may help you wrapping sumptuous delicacies on the go!

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