Handcrafted Bricknic BBQ Planet Allows Even Heat Distribution

Bricknic BBQ Planet

Explore a whole new world of flavors with Bricknic BBQ Planet, which takes barbecuing to another level. It is a circular BBQ unit consisting of natural clay and boasts a neat design that enables even heat distribution. Hence, there’s no chance of uneven cooking.

It is an exquisite combination of a big grill surface on the outside and a small cooking bowl on the inside. You can prepare complete menus with the Bricknic BBQ Planet using a single heat source. For steam cooking, simply cover the bowl with a lid. On its outer ring, you can easily grill anything you want. And the inner surface enables steam cooking for other healthy meals of your choice.

Bricknic BBQ Planet

This BBQ unit is made using natural clay that’s handcrafted in Germany. The natural clay material ensures unrivaled sustainability along with even heat distribution and extended heat storage. The unit is heat-resistant to over 1832 °F.

So, the contents will cook faster, evenly, and with higher versatility compared to other grilling means—particularly the open-fire technique. You can grill, steam, fry, and boil desired dishes within 30 minutes or so. Moreover, you can even set it in a campfire to prepare meals while sitting around the fire with your loved ones.

Barbeque with Bricknic BBQ Planet

What Bricknic is offering with BBQ planet?

  • It can be placed directly on the bonfire or charcoal
  • Works with gas / wood / charcoal
  • Bowl at the center to steam/cook/heat the food
  • 43 cm grill diameter
  • 4.5 kg of weight
  • Bowl volume 1 liter

Besides even heat distribution, the natural clay Bricknic BBQ also offers a sustainable and healthy way of preparing meals. Furthermore, this earthy material helps in locking food’s essential vitamins and nutrients within the meals along with their natural flavor.

Another good thing is its compact size (43-cm diameter) and lightweight (4.5 kg) which makes it easier to carry it to any desired location. You can easily pack it in its case and place it in the car’s trunk to transport it to any location you go. After use, it is also very easy to use with a dishwasher and sponge.

Like the features of this compact BBQ unit? You can purchase it now for the regular price of €180 (approx. US $192).

Food heating on Bricknic BBQ Planet

Bricknic BBQ Planet

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