Bruce Handrail Grill For Barbecuing On Your Balcony At Home

Despite many modern facilities and luxury amenities, one of the downsides of urban apartments is that you have restrictions on having a standard-sized barbecue. But to solve all your BBQ woes in an apartment, Henrick Drecker has created compact and easy-to-use Bruce Handrail Grill. This small grill is perfect to be used on your balcony and enjoy a good barbecuing session with your family or friends.

Unlike many traditional grills that take up large space for set up, the Bruce is just the size of a flower pot which can easily be attached to any handrail r balcony rail. Moreover, the small size and minimalist color of the grill makes it ideal for any terrace or garden space. All thanks to this space-saving grilling unit, you can enjoy smokey meat or veggies within your apartment without worrying about space restrictions.

Working on a grill in a tight space may not seem too comforting for many, but this one ensures that it covers very less space so that you enjoy enough area to move around and prepare your meal. Hence, it is an ideal unit for balcony grillers. Elevating the grill off the ground and attaching it to a railing, saves a lot of space, as well as makes the grill more accessible.

After use, the grill can double up as a flowerpot. But with charcoal grill hanging right outside a door, we wonder why would anyone stop barbecuing and utilize the equipment for any other function. Nonetheless, if you too are missing home-cooked BBQ dishes, now is the time to purchase this handy grill and make your summer delicious. You can buy this chic and compact grill online for $82.50.

Via: Connox

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