Herbivorous Butcher’s Summer Grill Pack is Plant-Based BBQ Kit for Vegans

For vegetarians, vegans or barbecue lovers-turned-vegan, Herbivorous Butcher, Minneapolis’ first vegan butcher shop, has created the new “Summer Grill Pack,” a plant-based BBQ kit for grills. This meat alternative has been designed to make vegans and vegetarians excited about the grilling/barbecue season just like meat-eaters.

This new grill kit contains a variety of faux-meats including Bacon Brats, Beer Brats, Hawaiian Huli Ribeye, and Huli Ribs. The best part about these meat-alternatives is that these are pre-grilled and you just have to sink your teeth into any of these plant-based versions of meat. The best thing about these grilling meat-alternatives is that they don’t taste anything like simple veggies. Instead, you’ll feel you are eating an actual meat piece.

All you need to do is marinade or simply cook them as they come. This means even a rainy day won’t be able to get into your way of eating this grilled meat-alternative. Unlike most meat substitutes, which are meant to be heated on a stove, or in an oven or a microwave, Herbivorous Butcher’s latest meat pack is “grill-ready” for the BBQ.

About the Company:

Herbivorous Butcher is founded by a brother-sister duo, Aubry, and Kale Walch, and in the past few years, this vegan butcher company has even proven its critics wrong.

The firm has even earned itself a spot in the US’ “10 best food and drink makers”.They were even at the top of the USA Today 10 Best readers’ choice leaderboard. Besides that, the company has even made headlines internationally on BBC News, Time, and The Guardian for their mouth-watering meat-substitutes.

The list of faux-meats sold by them is quite long, and it includes a variety of food options including ribs, pepperoni, ground beef, filet mignon, and other cheese offerings. Find more information on the company’s official website.

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