Cape Foods’ Four-In-One Herbs & Spice Shakers in Unified Themes

South African based, Cape Foods is winning hearts in over 30 countries across the globe with their award-winning Herbs and Spice Shakers. You must be wondering what’s so special in a seasoning shaker. Let’s enlighten you that it is a unified-themed Four-in-One Herbs & Spice Shaker.

It is thoughtfully combined into different themes that make it perfect for uniquely seasoned food items. Their signature seasoning collection includes some ingredient-based themes, such as I Love BBQ, I Love Pasta, and I Love Pink Salt.

Besides that, there are also some versatile seasoning themes like I Love Cooking, I Love Popcorn, I Love Chips and more. Each 8oz seasoning shaker is designed to blend various combinations of delicious herbs and spices.

Using any of these seasoning shakers, you can instantly enhance the flavors of your pasta dishes, grilled chicken, or other dishes. With their 4-in-1 shakers, the company has also changed its packaging game for good. Recently, they were even announced as the Winners of The Packaging Institute of South Africa’s Gold Pack Award for their 4-in-1 seasoning shakers.

Not just herbs and spices, Cape Foods’ four-in-one packaging is also successful in the baking world. They have also created a yummy line of Baking Delights that includes cake toppers, colorful sprinkles in the form of their four-chambered shakers.

All thanks to these combination shakers, the cooks and bakers don’t have to overcrowd their kitchen countertops with different seasoning or delights containers. This single shaker is enough to store different ingredients that you’d like to mix and match or just to decorate your palate-pleasing treats.

After receiving the award-winning recognition, the company is all set to launch in the US market with its signature seasoning combination series.

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Via: PRNewswire

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