Pre-Seasoned Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill is Always Ready-To-Use

Bringing back classic hibachi-style grill in a compact design, Lodge Manufacturing aims to ensure the campers and tailgating enthusiasts get their food ready quickly without any hassle. The Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill boasts pre-seasoned design, which ensures it’s ready-to-use soon after you take it out of the package.

The compact yet practical BBQ grill is always ready-to-use outdoors, the only restriction could be the bad weather. Otherwise, you’ll face no problem from the grill’s part. The durable grill has been made from heavy cast iron body. This even ensures that the grill heats up quickly and remain hot for extended periods to let you cook any type of meal as per your preference.

You can easily adjust the heat of the grill with a tiny sliding vent that’s present on the bottom of the grill. On opening the front door of the grill, you can add charcoal or wood to the burning chamber for ignition. However, the only drawback is that due to its iron body, it will be easily prone to rust that would eat away its body over time. But you can prevent rusting by taking proper care of this machine by regular oiling and cleaning.

This grill’s cooking space is around 120-square-inches. This means it can easily prepare up to six burgers or two large meat steaks at once.It seems to be an ideal outdoor gear for campers, travelers, hikers, as well as for people who often plan outdoor picnics with their family.

But when using with family, we would recommend you to keep children away from the grill, as its exterior turns very hot while cooking. You must never douse it with water when hot because cast iron can easily crack under quick temperature changes. Besides some of these care and safety issues, Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill is really good to use.

You can purchase it online for $103.

Via: TrendHunter

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