Charcoal Hibachi-Style Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill for Patio or Camping

Traditional grills are perfect for cooking delicious smoke-flavored meat and veggies, but the problem with most of them is that they are huge and cannot be relocated with ease. But Lodge Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill is here to change that forever. It is a charcoal hibachi-style grill with a compact and pre-seasoned design that makes it easier for cooking and transporting the grill to any desired outdoor location.

Made from rugged, sturdy cast iron, this grill can easily heat up and has the ability to cook meat or veggies for an extended time period so that one can cook a desired meal as per your preferences. Another highlighting feature of the grill is its front door that lets the user put wood or charcoal inside the unit for igniting flames for cooking.

The grill weighs 33-pounds and is quite heavy but small in size. The cooking space of the grill is about 120-square-inches that let you prepare two large meat steaks and six burgers with ease. Hence, it is a perfect grilling unit for your small trips to picnics, beaches, tailgating or camping (provided you have a vehicle to carry it to a specific place, as carrying it to a trekking rail is not a good idea due to its heavy design).

The limitation of this charcoal grill is that its small size doesn’t allow it to cook for large parties. Another disadvantage is that it’s crafted of bare cast iron, which can easily rust if left uncleaned or exposed to the environmental conditions. As the rust is likely to deteriorate its body over time, it is important to regularly clean the grill to keep rust away. For maintaining, you need to frequently oil this grill, and also store it in a dry cupboard. If you’re someone you don’t have time to do all that cleaning and maintenance part, you must not think of buying this one.

Lastly, we would like to warn people who have children in their homes to keep it away from the little ones – as the exterior surface of the grill tends to get too hot. After cooking you need to keep it on a non-flammable surface to avoid any accidents. Apart from all these maintenance tips and safety issues, this grill is good for people who like the taste of traditionally cooked grilled meat.

Available in two adjustable heights, the Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill is priced at $157.


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