CasusGrill: Biodegradable BBQ is ready-to-use in just 5 minutes



There are some disposable BBQ grills available on the market, but they can’t be considered completely eco-friendly – as they contain some non-biodegradable parts. But CasusGrill is one of the first grills made out of 100-percent biodegradable parts, ensuring you leave no environmental footprint. Moreover, it’s easy to setup and ready to use in just five minutes.


It is made from FSC-certified cardboard, making your grill completely a paper product. To prevent burning of cardboard, the interior has been lined with naturally-occurring lava stone, which absorbs all the heat coming from the coals, keeping it from igniting the cardboard housing.


This lava stone is so good at absorbing heat that you can even touch the grill while cooking without burning your hands. This also makes it easy to relocate the grill during a grilling session. For briquettes, Quick Oxilite bamboo charcoal is used to start cooking in just five minutes and it lasts up to an hour. Plus, it is reported to emit less carbon dioxide than traditional charcoal when burned. It will also require about 30-percent less coal than a regular grill would need. This makes your grilling kit lightweight and functional at the same time.


When packaged, the CasusGrill appears like a small pizza box, measuring 12.2 x 9.3 x 2.2-inches. So, you can easily throw it in the boot of the car or put it in your backpack without any hassel. To protect the cardboard from getting wet, it is packaged in a bioplastic wrap, which is also derived from biodegradable sources rather than petroleum. During disposal, you can just throw this biodegradable grill into the trash or put it in your campfire as additional fuel – as this whole thing can burn into ashes without any residues.


Unfortunately, CasusGrill is available exclusively in Europe for now. But we’re hoping the makers plan worldwide shipping soon. The lucky ones who are living in Europe can get their hands on this 100-percent biodegradable BBQ grill for £5.99 (approx. US $7.79).

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Via: Designboom

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