Lockhart creates BBQ sandwich using glazed donuts instead of bread

Texas is one place where barbecue is not just a meal, it’s a complete lifestyle. With changing times, restaurants have brilliantly combined traditional and modern culinary techniques to create different…

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Ragtop Fern’s BBQ turns out to be the smoked-meat-sensation in LA

Fernando Carillo, the pitmaster behind the Ragtop Fern’s BBQ, has started this one-man driveway operation in the northeastern stretch of Koreatown, L.A. For barbecue enthusiasts. This spot is turning out…

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Killen’s STQ combines their Steakhouse and Barbecue for good

Last year, Ronnie Killen decided to combine its two restaurants Killen’s Steakhouse and Killen’s Barbecue (both in Pearland just south of Houston) to form Killen’s STQ. This creative restaurant has…

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KFC Smoky Mountain BBQ

KFC to serve new Smoky Mountain BBQ chicken burger for enthusiasts

People’s obsession with fried chicken is real and all thanks to KFC we often get to taste ‘finger-lickin’ good food. Now the fast-food chain is again expanding its menu and…

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Vegan BBQ Chicken Pizza

How to prepare Liv B’s Vegan BBQ ‘Chicken’ Pizza

YouTube channel Liv B keeps sharing vegan recipes that are easy and quick to make, using simple ingredients. The purpose of this channel is to show people how they can…

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Antibiotic-free Meat

‘Coleman Natural Foods’ brings antibiotic-free barbecue meats to the market

With increasing demand for natural, antibiotic-free meats, meat brands like Coleman Natural Foods have brought antibiotic-free barbecue meats to the market. Just in time of Labor Day, the company has…

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Stainless steel Smoke Pucks infuse your meat with distinct smoky flavor

Love the flavor of smoked meats and veggies? Sadly, everyone doesn’t have extra space for a stand alone smoker. But all thanks to these Smoke Pucks you can easily infuse…

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Arby’s Bourbon BBQ sandwiches made with barrel-aged Kentucky bourbon

To please the taste buds of barbecue lovers, Arby’s is offering a fresh take on their Bourbon and Bacon sandwiches. They are introducing new liquor-infused Bourbon BBQ Sandwiches, featuring a…

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