Cavemall: This Portable & Foldable Grill Is Super Easy To Carry

Cavemall Grill

Love barbecued food even while travelling but not willing to carry a heavy BBQ grill with you? If so, you need a portable grill to solve your grilling woes. However, some portable grills are also quite tedious to carry and assemble. That’s why you need a convenient and simple unit like the Cavemall Grill that folds flat like a laptop to easily carry in your backpack.

It includes five finely crafted aluminum panels that assemble within 15 seconds to take the shape of a grill. Although this grill appears very small, the makers say that it can help you prepare a meal for eight people. You can grill on its grate to enjoy charcoal-infused sausages and burgers. Or use the flat-top griddle for frying an egg. Both surfaces are easy to lower or raise while adjusting the cooking temperature.

barbecuing on Cavemall Grill

Another good thing is that this grilling unit work on all types of fuels, such as coal, wood chips, sticks, and pellets. So, you don’t have to stress over getting a specific type of fuel for this BBQ grill.

Foldable grill

The folding legs are convenient to unfold for supporting the grill in a triangle shape, which gives it more stability. These legs are aerodynamic to ensure heat doesn’t transfer from the grilling area to its feet. It became possible thanks to the gaps present in the panels to promote airflow. It also prevents the burning of the surface below. Furthermore, it includes three skewer slots for easy rotation while preparing kebabs.

Charcoal briquettes used in Cavemall Grill

When you’re not using it, you can pull apart its panels and keep it in a drawer, as it’s quite thin to stack with other belongings. It also comes with a carry bag with a weight of around 2 pounds and this makes this grill highly suitable for hikes, tailgating, and camping.

Currently, the makers of Cavemall Grill are seeking funds for a Kickstarter campaign to get it to the production phase. If you want to support the campaign and get this grill for yourself, you can pledge US$199.

Also, check out the video below to see how this grill works.

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