This Compact Grill (With Shelves) is Perfect For A Small Patio / Balcony

Compact Grill With Shelves is Best For Smaller Patio & Balcony

Warmer weather is perfect for enjoying more outdoor time in your backyard. But what if you don’t have a spacious backyard or terrace space in your home? In that case, you need a portable BBQ grill to enjoy grilling even in a small apartment.

This Compact Grill by Netherlands-based designer Lorenz Bauer is easy to carry, practical, and efficient to use.

Compact And Portable Grill

It comes with two shelves to easily cook a meal for your family and friends. Since people enjoy minimalistic style of camping these days, this compact and portable grill is ideal for outdoor camping without sacrificing comfort.

Compared to other grilling devices, this particular gadget is ideal for cooking in two compartments. It even includes a chimney starter for achieving evenly cooked smoked meats and veggies. Thanks to the integrated two shelves, the grill has ample space for preparing meals for more than one person.

Compact Grill Dimensions

After use, this compact grill is easy to close into a small briefcase shape that measures only 23.6 × 14.6 x 2-inches. Furthermore, there is a wind barrier and even a sheet metal for ash comes along with the package.

When you enjoy camping with minimal equipment, you can appreciate nature even more. It is because you don’t have to worry about carrying too much equipment and gear with you camping. You can easily pack this grill with your camping gear. Just this portable grilling gadget, food ingredients, and mats or chairs is all you need for your next barbecuing session.

Shelves of compact grill

The structure of grill consists of stainless steel without any paint coating. This makes it highly resistant to high temperatures. Plus, its simple grill design is very easy to clean. However, this grill is a prototype for now. But we hope that the designer soon brings this eye-catching gadget to the commercial market to suit your flexible lifestyle.

Working & Design Of Compact Grill

Parts of Compact Grill

Air flow mechanism in compact grill

Via: Behance

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