Add Fun To Your Outdoor BBQ Party With This Cow-Shaped Cosmocart BBQ Grill

Outdoor barbecue parties are all about fun and mirth. So, why not introduce a dollop of quirk to the same by owning this beautiful and eclectic cow-shaped Cosmocart BBQ grill? Yes – you heard it right. A creation of Deutschland-based Kozma Design Manufacturing Company, this brand new cow-shaped Cosmocart BBQ Grill showcase the perfect marriage of quirk and utility.

The sturdy barbecue grill not only cooks meal succulent meat but also acts as a great garden decor, when not in use. It may definitely upset many PETA followers but, for lovers of meat, having this BBQ grill around is a sheer delight. It is completely made of fiberglass to provide a real-life look to the fully functional cooking unit.

The inner portion of the Cosmocart BBQ Grill is made of stainless steel with the propane gas tank located at the rear portion of the “cow”. Furthermore, the grilling unit features  Char-Broil four-burner gas grill along with an outdoor stove and a heavy-duty caster wheels with brakes under hind legs.

When not in use, you can simply hide the cooking unit by pulling down the lockable doors. It is not really handy to carry but definitely adds a charm to your BBQ parties and cooks delicious food in no time. So, if you’re thinking of renovating your BBQ space, add a bit of quirk to it by owning the Cosmocart BBQ Grill.

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