Smartphone-controlled Davy Crockett pellet grill keeps an eye on your BBQ


California-based company Green Mountain Grills has created smartphone-controlled Davy Crockett pellet grill, which lets you keep an eye on BBQ even when you’re away from the grill. The smart grill comes with a smartphone app connects your grill with your smartphone over a Wi-Fi connection.

Through your phone, you can adjust the accurate grilling temperature for evenly cooked meat or veggies. During each step from preparation stage to final cooking process, the app keeps notifying you so that you don’t miss out any step. All thanks to this smart grill even beginners can easily prepare desired grilled recipes with making any mistake.

The smart grill even informs you about the exact cooking time and how long will it take to cook the meat perfectly. Davy Crockett grill comes integrated with a meat probe, a peaked lid for stand-up chicken or ribs rack, and open flame technology grease tray for non-stick cooking. It also includes a convenience tray with utensil hooks to provide you a convenient grilling experience.


Pre-heating the grill take just 9 minutes, so it’s not good for impatient grillmasters. But this even indicates that the grill is a very efficient fuel burner. It can reach temperatures as low as 150°F and as high as 550° F, so you can cook a variety of recipes at your desired temperature.

Another positive attribute is that the grill provides three power options: an AC Adapter wall outlet 100 W power option, a 23-feet 12-volt plug for use in car lighters and car charger outlets, and alligator clips that can connect the pellet grill directly and safely to a 12-volt battery. The two latter options are quite convenient for tailgating, camping or emergency situations. Furthermore, it comes with a grill cover to safely keep it after use and an easy-to-carry tote bag for easy transportation.


Via: GrillJunkie

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