DIY Gas Bottle Hot Smoker For Perfectly Smoked BBQ Meat

Have you ever seen or used a gas bottle hot smoker for preparing BBQ? You know how good smoked meat hot smoker prepares. Moreover, you can cook a large quantity of barbecued meat in this smoker, even for a big house party.

The high prices of BBQ hot smokers make affordability a big issue.

The good news is that you can actually make a DIY gas bottle hot smoker, using a few gas bottles and few technical tools. If you have got some creative DIY skills, here’s how you can create a sleek yet large hot smoker for your backyard and to enjoy barbecued meat throughout the summer months.

Step-by-step procedure to make DIY gas bottle hot smoker:

Step 1: Remove the Valve

This is the most difficult part, where you have to build the smoker by removing the valve from the gas bottle. Before removing the valve, make sure that all gas has been used up and leave the valve open outside your house for a couple of days. After that you can get it out, using a pipe wrench.

Step 2: Ensure No Gas is Left in the Bottle

After removing the valve, you need to fill the cylinder with water for displacing any remaining gas. You need to ensure that no gas is remaining in the bottle, or it can be dangerous to build using welders or fire. Make sure that no bubbles are remaining while water displacement. Repeat this procedure until no bubbles are formed.

Step 3: Cutting Opening for Flue

Gas Bottle Hot Smoker

The next step is to cut out an opening for the flue and for joining the two bottles together. The opening can be cut using a hole saw. To keep it in the center with the valve holes, you need to make using the bushing to guide the pilot bit. To drill the hole in it will be really tough while going through a hole saw. You might also need the help of a plasma cutter or a jigsaw.

Step 4: Cut out the Door Openings

Gas Bottle Hot Smoker

With the plasma cutter, you can cut out the door openings. For cutting the length of the door, you need an angle iron for guiding you while cutting at the ends of the steel. If there is no plasma cutter with you, a grinder a jigsaw may also help with the cutting procedure.

Step 5: Creating the Flue Regulator

For regulating air and smoke inside the device, the flue regulator is required. To create a flue regulator, a pair of plates with triangular holes is sufficient. One of it must be welded to the chimney and another one to the shot pipe that’s attached to the smoke chamber. They rotate around a bolt for creating holes for either aligning or not.

A regulator is mounted onto the smoke book door for controlling the amount of air that passes in for igniting the fire.

Step 6: Welding the Smoke Box and Firebox Together

Gas Bottle Hot Smoker

Now, weld the smoke box and firebox together to the main chamber. A raised baffle is also equipped to stop the flames from reaching the smoke box.

Step 7: Hanging the Doors

The next step is to weld a 35mm steel strip around the door to make it overlap the edge, providing a sealing surface. The hinges and door latches were fabricated for the smooth functioning of the doors.

Step 8: Removal of Old Paint

The old paint was removed from the entire gas bottle, using an angle grinder fitted to a flap disc, as well as an orbit sander.

Step 9: Finishing Touches

Gas Bottle Hot Smoker

A small piece of angle iron is placed for supporting the four grills within the smoke chamber. After that, the entire outer section is painted along with some finishing touches to make it appear more appealing.

Step 10: End Product

Gas Bottle Hot Smoker

The end product is a fully-functional hot smoker for preparing a large amount of meat in one go.

How to use?

  • Firstly, put a tray in the bottom section to stop fat from dripping onto the fire.
  • The bottom part is hotter than the top, so this needs to be considered when cooking many meat pieces.
  • After placing all the marinated whole meat pieces inside the smokers, you need to wait for a while and after that enjoy the perfectly smoked meat at home.

You definitely need such amazing BBQ gas bottle hot smoker this summer to rock your house parties.

Via: Instructables

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