Creating No-Weld DIY Old Tire Rim Grill

DIY Old Tire Rim Grill

With the summer approaching soon, it’s time to take out your barbecue gear to rock your outdoor parties. After all, summer is the official grilling season. But if you don’t have a grill or need a new one, you can consider creating it yourself using a spare tire.

This DIY old tire rim grill on wheels is easy to DIY and also grill in desired professional aesthetics. Hence, it is a perfect weekend project to try. All you require is an old tire rim and some tools to finish the project.

How to create DIY Old Tire Rim Grill

The tire rim grill appears simple yet stylish with a wooden base. To begin with, you have to get the rim out from an old tire, clean the rim, and add a coating of paint. As you can figure out from the images that everything is fixed using the right nuts, bolts, and plumbing tools.

tire rims for BBQ grill

The base is made of five 4×4 wood posts stuck together and cut by miter saw to form a square-shaped base. After that, the wooden base is properly sanded and stained. You need to ensure that the grill base is sturdy and heavy to keep the gravity center down. So, your grill won’t tip.

To finish off the wooden base, you can screw in the caster wheels at the bottom and make the grill mobile. Later, put on the circular grill in the rim to complete the project. If you like, you can even fix some bolts for hanging the grill utensils for making the grill appear even better.

nuts and bolts used to make the grill

And, finally, your DIY old tire rim grill is ready! This whole project includes recycled materials that you may show off to your guests. Now, you just have to get some meat and charcoal on the grill and gather your family and friends for a BBQ party.

It takes less than 15 minutes to build this tire grill. If you want to know the DIY instructions in detail, read here.


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