Drumbecue BBQ Smoker upcycled from 45-gallon steel oil drum


Upcycling old objects into something practical is a good way to reduce the number of landfills and doing your bit to preserve the environment. UK-based company Drumbecue has done the same by upcycling a 45-gallon steel oil drum into functional Charcoal BBQ Smoker. Designed for grillmasters, this heavy duty BBQ machine boasts two large cooking areas to prepare a large amount of food for your guests.

Barbecue enthusiasts who are fussy about their perfect BBQs are going to love this grilling machine. On this charcoal smoker, they can prepare different types of grilled meat and veggies without any hassle. The half portion of the cylindrical drum has been converted into a functional grilling unit, whereas the other half acts as a lid.


The lid can cover the grilling unit when you’re not cooking and keeps the cooking section safe from rain or storm. This means this outdoor grill can be kept outside in a lawn or a backyard without worrying about changing the climate.

It is made from an original 45-gallon steel drum and powder coated for finishing. This makes the BBQ smoker durable enough to withstand any climatic condition. There is also a built-in thermometer to keep a tab on your meat while cooking. All thanks to the integrated thermometer, you can always cook your steak evenly without having to worry about over burned or less cooked meat.

This oil drum BBQ is available for purchase Etsy shop for US $699.87 to let you enjoy cooking barbecue recipes throughout the year.


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