Enjoy Hearty Meal with Dunkin’s New Sweet BBQ Bacon Sandwich

Summer is all about little sweetness and flavors. If you like to stop by at eateries and savor the new tastes of a season, Dunkin’ has brought a sweet escape to foodies in the form of new sweet items on their menu.

In collaboration with Hershey’s, Dunkin’ has launched the latest lineup of mouthwatering delights. The new food menu includes the Sweet BBQ Bacon Breakfast Sandwich. This sandwich contains cheese, eggs, and extra bacon that’s coated with sweet BBQ seasoning. It’s also prepared as special Wake-Up Wrap.

This sandwich has around 630 calories with 16 gm saturated fat, 40 gm fat, 0 gram trans fat, 1130 mg sodium, 200 mg cholesterol, 46 gm carbohydrates, 11 gm sugar, 1 gram fiber, and 22 gm protein.

Besides the BBQ sandwich, the food items also include Dunkin’s Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Creme Donut and Candy Coffee drinks. All these items are literally adding more sweetness to summers this year.

The Cookies ‘N’ Creme Donut is designed in a square shape, filled with vanilla buttercream and the toppings include Cookies ‘N’ Creme crumbles.

on the other hand, Candy Coffee drinks are available in the following three flavors:

* KIT KAT Coolatta – This coffee drink features COOLATTA frozen drink in Vanilla Bean flavor and mixed with Kit Kat pieces.

* Heath flavored coffee – This beverage is a mixture of chocolate milk and English toffees.

* Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Creme coffee – This candy coffee boasts cookie flavor along with rich white chocolate notes. It is available in iced and hot coffee, frozen coffee, frozen chocolate, and espresso drinks.

These sweet treats are available only for a limited time at all major Dunkin’ restaurants. If you have already tried any of these sweet delights, do share your views in the comment section below.

Find more about Dunkin’ on their official website.

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