Ellipse by höfats is a Versatile Fire Bowl & Grill to Use Anywhere


A portable fire pit is a multipurpose solution for BBQ food lovers and campers. It lets them ignite a fire on any campsite while offering them sufficient space to prepare food. But do you still miss the aesthetic element in most portable firepit+grills available on the market? If so, you need to have a glance at the Ellipse by höfats. It is a versatile fire bowl and grill that’s likely to inspire you with its exclusive design and high functionality.

Ellipse Fire Bowl Grill by Hofats – Made for outdoors

Its extraordinary design can easily blend with any interior and exterior setting without being in the foreground. Whether you use it as a fire pit or to smoke some meat or veggies, this bowl is likely to fascinate everyone from each angle.

Hofats Ellipse fire bowl grill

The gently curved shell of this fire pit with mounted grill rests on a solid foot that serves as an ash bowl. After burning the fire, you simply need to lift the bowl on one side using gloves and empty its contents to the foot. If you seal the bowl, it’s safe to handle the smothered residual fire.

bowl design of Hofats Ellipse grill

Made from corten steel, the Ellipse sculptural fire pit surprises everyone with its unexpected functionality. When positioned in the center, it takes a neutral spot. However, it is also easier to turn it towards the seating area while protecting the flames from the extra wind.

Ellipse Fire Bowl with support

For extra stability, there is a stand underneath the rounded bowl. It also serves as an ash container. If the fire has burnt down and extinguished, you can conveniently take the bowl with gloves and empty it into the stand.

Loading wood logs onto Ellipse Fire Bowl

Overall, it is a great outdoor fire pit that’s ideal for adding a fire element into a given space. It’s great for aesthetic purposes during get-togethers or parties. Meanwhile, it is also lightweight to carry either in a vehicle or with extra gear while someone’s trekking into the wild.

Grill mounted on Hofats ELLIPSE Fire Bowl

Want to get this elegant fire bowl home? You can purchase it online for $265.57.


wood logs on Ellipse Fire Bowl



Via: Hofats

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