Ferno Grill Adjusts Height of Burners & Flame With Moving Firewheel

Want to be the perfect grill master of this summer? If so, look no further than the stand alone Ferno Grill by a California-based workshop. What makes this grill unique is that it comes with a proprietary Firewheel, which enables the users to adjust the height of the burners and the flame.

All thanks to the heat controlling feature, you can easily sear the food without any burns. This means the slow-cooked dishes will be prepared with perfection. You have to turn the fire wheel to the right to raise the burners and bring the flame closer to the grates for better searing and grill. When you turn it to the left, the flame is lowered for slow cooking with even heat distribution.

Ferno Stand Alone Grill

Ferno has chosen cast iron grates – not stainless steel grates – because cast iron offers a better and consistent cooking surface for evenly distributing heat. So, there won’t be any hot/cold spots – just perfectly cooked food.

This cooking grate also has a reversible flat surface on the other side, enabling you to convert the device into a pizza oven. The same grates offer you a spacious cooking surface for accommodating up to 25 burgers. This means you can easily prepare so many burgers for a big lot.

Ferno Stand Alone Grill

The standalone grill’s stainless steel hood is designed to cook large food items, such as large turkey, when the lid is down. This hood is insulated with half-inch thick ceramic wool slab to make sure that heat is locked within the cooking chamber.

Another good thing about the grill is its fold-out tables on either side for giving you extra space for keeping your food ingredients nearby while cooking. You can even chop, serve, or perform any other food preparation task on these removable tables.

Ferno Stand Alone Grill

In addition, the grill incorporates a swing-out propane tank to make the replacement easier, a battery-powered ignition system, a commercial temperature gauge, a large grease tray, LED lighting suitable for night cooking, and four industrial-grade burners.

If you want this standalone Ferno Grill, you need to shell out a hefty amount of about US $4,800. So, would you consider buying this grill for preparing perfect BBQ meals this summer?

Ferno Stand Alone Grill

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