Front Runner Outfitters Launches Foldable Box Braai/BBQ Grill

Looking forward to upgrade your camping grill gear? Have a look at the portable, foldable and easy-to-use Box Braai / BBQ Grill by Front Runner Outfitters (Front Runner), the South African-based manufacturer of camping and outdoor equipment and adventure travel gear company. It is a compact but practical camp kitchen gear to help you cook delicious meals.

Box Braai/BBQ Grill is a foldable freestanding fire pit-like grill that provides a space-saving design for the perfect open fire cooking experience. Moreover, its lightweight design makes it easy to transport anywhere you go. So, you can easily enjoy grilling and barbecuing at any desired location.

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Foldable Box Braai BBQ Grill

The name of this foldble bbq grill comes from “Braai” that’s a traditional South African phrase, which means “social gathering” while people are cooking, celebrating, and eating together. It also embodies the philosophy of off-the-grid food preparation. So, you can easily prepare your meals on the go without any hassle.

(South Africa) A barbecue (grill), especially an open outdoor grill built specifically for the purpose of braaing.  — Wiktionary

The word Braai is derived from Afrikaans word braai (meaning to grill) and from Dutch origin word braden (meaning to roast).

Flat-pack foldable design

When not in use, the flat-pack design of the spare tire-mounted Braai Grill makes it collapse flat to just 1.5-inches. Hence, it can easily fit within the brand’s Wolf pack storage container. As far as its body is concerned, the structure consists of 3CR12 stainless steel that has a high degree of resistance against rust and corrosion.

Furthermore, the laser-cut pieces combine to make a perfect free-standing fire pit base to elevate the burner off the ground. Meanwhile, the sides of this grill offer a windbreak even in stormy weather conditions.

Foldable Box Braai BBQ Grill

Thanks to its two removable grill grates and other gird lifting tools, conversion from fire pit to grill is quite convenient. This also gives it dual functionality for adjusting coals underneath while you enjoy cooking on the flames.

When you install both of its grill grates, the grill surface becomes around 295-square-inch. So, it’s perfect to provide an easy cooking experience for both small and large groups.

Like its compact and functional design? If so, you can purchase this foldble bbq grill from the company’s official website for $222.

Foldable Box Braai BBQ Grill


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