Love Cooking Outdoors? FormAxiom’s Artistic Grillo BBQ Is The Perfect One For You!

With the summers already in, the time is ripe to move your kitchen outdoors and have lavish BBQ parties on a roll. Isn’t it? However, knowing the weight and humongous sizes of most barbecue grills, shifting the entire kitchen outside for parties becomes much of a taxing deal, isn’t it? Well, not anymore for the Artistic Grillo BBQ machines are right here to help you out of this mess.

Conceptualized and created by FormAxiom, the Artistic Grillo BBQ is an extremely lightweight and portable BBQ meant specifically for outdoor cooking, road trips and camping. One need not take flurry of cooking aides and accessories to wrap up delicious impromptu barbecue dishes. The best thing is that this barbecue grill resembles an umbrella. It is kept and carried folded – when you wish to cook some quick barbecue recipes, simply open it like an umbrella on a single touch and cook atop it. Simple.

Now, the question arises, is the material hard and safe enough to hold chunks of meat and cook it safely? According to Mirko Bocek, Martin Oberhauser and Alain Brideson, team members of FormAxiom and creators of Artistic Grillo BBQ, it is not only safe to cook on but also provides ample of space and height to cook in a fuss-free manner. It also comes with a tripod structure, which enables the BBQ to be placed sturdily on uneven surfaces while cooking.

Another commendable feature of the BBQ grill is that it comes stainless steel mesh just below the cook top. This mesh provides a perfect base to put solid fuel – like wood and charcoal – to cook the food. The mesh is made in such a way that it provides a thorough distribution of heat to cook the meat, as a result of which the meat turns out to be absolutely succulent and juicy. And if you’re wondering about the tripods, the nuevo technology keeps it absolutely cool even during cooking.

Unlike the traditional barbecue cook tops, the Artistic Grillo BBQ is not only convenient to carry but extremely easy to clean as well. All you need to do is fold the structure and dip it in clean water. Scrub it or brush it well and tada! Your BBQ will be squeaky clean. So, whether you love camping or road trips or just cook in wilderness – the Artistic Grillo BBQ may just be your perfect partner in crime!

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