‘Franklin Smoke’ Book on Grilling & Smoking Will Release in May

Franklin Smoke

Aaron Franklin, the bestselling author and owner of Austin hotspot Franklin Barbecue, is coming up with his third book ‘Franklin Smoke.’ This new book features all the answers to several major questions related to smoking and grilling. Franklin has completed this book with co-author Jordan Mackay, who also co-authored other two books with Franklin.

Both authors have bagged the James Beard Award. While Franklin received James Beard Award for Best Chef in 2015 in Southwest, Mackay grabbed the award in 2011 in the beverage category for his book Secrets of Sommeliers, which is co-authored by Rajat Parr.

What Does Franklin Smoke Contain?

Now, their new book will release on May 9, 2023, by Ten Speed Press. This new book will cover techniques, tools, and methods related to smoking and grilling various types of ingredients. From how to smoke a full turkey to the pros and cons of various types of wood, everything is available in this book. Their new book also demystifies and simplifies the procedure for making backyard grilling and smoking a proper everyday technique.

Franklin Smoke

Furthermore, you will also get to know about the trick for treating the fire as a main ingredient, not a specific medium. Both Frankin and Mackay also discuss strategies for preparing various meals over low and high heating techniques, the lifespan of a fire, as well as indirect smoking and cooking.

Even if you are a professional grillmaster looking for new techniques for grilling and smoking, the book shares better techniques curated for a distinct type of backyard grill. The techniques are also specific to Big Green Eggs, hand-built fire pits, inexpensive kettle-style grills, and offset cookers.

Franklin Smoke

The very first book ‘Franklin Barbecue’ by Franklin and Mackay highlights the art of barbecue. In 2015, they published this book. This book also got recognition as the Eater’s cookbook of the year and became New York Times best-seller. Later, in 2019, they published the second book, Franklin Steak, which is about how to prepare steaks with perfection.

You can go through these two previous books while waiting for the third one. If you have already read both, you can preorder Franklin Smoke now from here.

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