Robot Server to Deliver Dishes to Your Table at Gen Korean BBQ, San Diego

The incoming Gen Korean BBQ is all set to open its doors for barbecue lovers in San Diego-area this April. However, the restaurant already has its chains in locations throughout California, Hawaii and Las Vegas. The good thing about this upcoming restaurant chain is that in the eatery robot servers deliver dishes to the table of patrons, enhancing the experience of both the staff and customers.

The all-you-can-eat restaurant will be spread across 6,525-square-foot space in the Mira Mesa shopping center, which also houses Edwards Cinemas. However, the highlight of this diner will remain its flashing robots carrying fresh plates of Korean BBQ towards different tables, as per the order number.

These high-tech robotic waiters are also the reason for the hype. People are willing to experience such unique way of service by automatic waiters that roll up via a conveyor belt system. These robots are not to cut down the staff, but to take a little burden off their backs.

You’ll be ordering with the servers, and the food order on a dray will be delivered to you by a robot server along with a tracker system. The restaurant is using the robots as a tool to let the manual servers to spend more time in sections. So, they don’t have to constantly be leaving the section and can spend more time talking to customers and knowing about their experience.

According to the management, a robot cannot replace the human touch. It doesn’t have a sense of humor and it cannot smile at you. The emotional connection that you can make with a human server surely cannot be replaced but it can indeed enhance your experience with faster delivery time. Besides robotic element, the chain is also known for its upscale environment, featuring clubby lighting and music, as well as comfortable leather seats.

The cook-it-yourself menu at the restaurant features everything from marinated bone-in short rib to spicy baby octopus, red wine pork belly, and beef tongue.Moreover, different beverages are also served at the diner. You must check out this restaurant that’s coming to your town this April.

Via: Eater

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