The New Giant Lego Duplo BBQ Grill Is Here To Add Fun To Your Outdoor Cooking

If there is one toy that one can associate his/her childhood and growing up stage with, in most occasions, that one item would be lego blocks! How these colorful building blocks used to tweak our creative skills and bring out the efficient engineers in all of us. Sheer fun it was! But do you know that the same playful technology is being used to make your outdoor cooking more fun and invigorating. Yes, we are talking about the Giant Lego Duplo BBQ Grill.

Created to make your cooking simpler and exciting, the unique Giant Lego Duplo BBQ Grill is indeed made out of original Lego pieces that go on to form a superior outdoor grill-like appearance. Just like any great outdoor grill units, it comes with gas controls and separate cooking and preparation spaces as well as a covering lid. Cooking in it is also faster owing to its usage of gas to grill meats.

Furthermore, to jazz things up, there is a piece of artificial bacon right at the center to give illusion of real cooking upon the grill. Several flash lights are also embedded within the model to make it more catchy. You would be pleased to know that the Lego Duplo BBQ Grill was presented at Brickfete Toronto 2015, where Lego enthusiasts from across the world came together in batches to create various models using Lego pieces.

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