Gold Chef Vertical Grill Goes to 1500° in 2 Minutes for Faster Cooking

We have seen many grill designs for indoor as well as outdoor usage, but somehow they all work the same way. But to change the grilling game forever, Gold Chef Vertical Grill is here to enable users to prepare meals like never before. Boasting vertical design, the compact grill comes integrated with infrared heating technology that enables it to go to 1500-degrees Fahrenheit of heat within just two minutes. This makes is the fastest hot grill that has even been created for your home.

Not just home, but its compact size makes it portable to carry it to any outdoor location for your next picnic, camping or party for preparing grilled food on your own. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor grilling, this unit comes integrated with a drip tray to collect all of the fats coming all the way from your meats to prevent burning.

Here are some notable features of the grill:

  • It is made from high-quality 4301 stainless steel, hence, it’s a durable product.
  • It has an easy-to-rotate grill basket for conveniently turning and adjust meats and veggies while cooking.
  • It also comes integrated with a flexible telescopic wave-rack for meats, several grills, and different warming levels.
  • The unit also has a built-in gas cartridge or can be equipped with an old-style gas bottle, making it perfect to be used anywhere you desire.

The gas cartridge is able to last for up to two hours, which are sufficient for nearly 20 grilling sessions (based on cooking steaks in 5 minutes only). You can also connect it to a large gas bottle if desired for longer grilling time.

Another good thing about this unit is that its grill basket boasts a folding mechanism that is meant to be operated single-handedly for cooking any type of food you want. The grill basket can also be rotated and adjusted backward and forward, as per your liking. It also has a small section for a thermometer to ensure steaks are cooked evenly.

Currently, Gold Chef is looking forward to your support through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to achieve needed funds to go to its production phase. If you back the project, you’ll get your product on a remarkable discount that’s available only for early backers. Visit Indiegogo website to learn more about the project.

Via: Trendhunter

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