Grillbot – The One You Need To Keep Your BBQ Grill Squeaky Clean Always

The CES Global Stage For Innovation came with a flurry of surprises this year. From robots on bicycles to rap dancing bears to flexible 4K television sets, it showcased awe-inspiring innovation across all sectors. However, for all who love to cook and fascinated by innovations in the culinary sector, the bot – known as Grillbot – designed to clean barbecue grills garnered great admiration.

Its functions are almost similar to that of iRobot, which was created to clean carpets – you just have to place the bot atop your BBQ grill. It will keep cleaning the grills unless it is absolutely devoid of a speck of dirt or dust. Here’s a video demonstration of how the Grillbot works. Take a look –

The robot works with its three steel brushes that are functioned to whizz around at a specific speed to get rid of all uncleanliness. All you have to do to maintain this lovely li’l bot is, at the end of cleaning, remove the steel brushes and put it inside your regular dishwasher. Voila! Your Grillbot is ready for another bout of cleaning. Isn’t it really simple?

Priced at $119, the Grillbot is available in four attractive colors – black, blue, orange and red. It also has an alarm and LCD timer, which help you in fixing the time of cleaning. Last but not the least, it works perfectly well on hot grills as well. So, even if you have to rush out of your home after a BBQ dinner or so but need to clean your grill as well, the Grillbot is your deal!

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