Burned by Design’s Spooky Groot Wood Burner and BBQ for Backyards

Barnsley-based wood burner and fire pit manufacturers Burned by Design has created intriguing Groot Wood Burner and BBQ that will be perfect for anyone, who wants to add something unique to their garden/backyard. It is a dual purpose outdoor gear that serves as a wood burner and BBQ.

Created by the company’s owner and designer, Alex Dodson, this BBQ-cum-fire was actually commissioned by one of his Australian clients, who wanted a wood burner with a BBQ grill for cooking outdoors in summer.

Groot Wood Burner and BBQ

The unique wood burner boasts face of Groot, a superhero seen in American comic books. But this one actually looks a bit scary, especially when the ignited flames are reflected on the figurine’s eyes – making it appear as if Groot is burning in anger.

Coming to its practicality, the wood burner features a dual removable grill for preparing delicious BBQ dishes for your family or friends. The detailing on the cylinders reveals that the Groot’s face is created by plasma cutting and welding techniques.

Groot Wood Burner and BBQ

One the designing and layout was finished, Alex has hand-painted the Groot wood burner using black and green Ultra High Temperature (UHT) paint. And then finished off with UHT lacquer.

Every bit of detail is not just interesting, but also impressive due to the combination of cosmetic beautification technique for creating Groot’s face. The end result is absolutely stunning and ready to grill amazing BBQ recipes straight in your dream galaxy, away from the world.

Groot Wood Burner and BBQ

You can custom-request Groot Wood Burner and BBQ from the designer’s official website for £899 (approx. US $1,200). Not just this one, but Burned by Design also has other amazing collection of wood burners that you must see. You can even order any other wood burner design and also can get it tailored as per your preferences and personal taste.

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