Watch This Guy on Wheelchair Build His Dream BBQ/Patio Setup

Barbecue is a summer staple. So, it’s no surprise that people put in some efforts to create outdoor spaces for their guests to enjoy while cooking on a grill. But creating a complete BBQ/Patio setup is a whole new struggle. While many physically-abled individuals cannot create a DIY BBQ Grill, his disabled individual is winning hearts on the internet for amazing brick BBQ and Patio creation.

In the video, given below, you can see this individual on a wheelchair creating a BBQ grill for his patio. Firstly, he lays the foundation of the structure and then begins building the bricked BBQ grill structure, using the raw materials and few tools.

The two-leveled barbecue system features a grilling area with a fuel chamber on the upper level. On the lower level, you can see a storage space for wood pellets or wood pieces for fuel. There is also a chimney on the grilling unit for letting the smoke out without any mess.

When not in use, the grilling or ignition section can be closed, since it’s covered with a hinged metal door. Moreover, he has also fixed DIY wooden planks in between the grill unit and the nearest pillar to serve as countertop or dining area.

We are amazed to see how this wheelchair bound person has created such brilliant BBQ-Patio setup with such ease. Although there’s not much information about this guy and his creation on the internet, he seems to be a professional in the footage.

While it’s easier to buy any portable BBQ grill, a picnic table, and a patio set to enjoy a BBQ party, it requires effort to create a functional DIY BBQ grill. If you are also into DIY projects and would like to try making a traditional or unconventional BBQ system on your backyard or patio, you can consider this design for your outdoor space.

Via: Imgur

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