One-of-a-kind Gyroscope Grill takes barbecue grilling for a spin


If you’re fed up of looking at age-old BBQ grills, have a look at this absolutely unique Gyroscope Grill. Recently, Instagram user Gualberto Elizondo shared a video of this innovative grill that works by rotating meat over fire for cooking. This video is now making internet drool over it at the way it cooks meat.

Not even expert physicists would have thought that a gyroscope could be used for grilling purpose. Usually, a gyroscope uses Earth’s gravity to determine orientation. However, in this case, a gyroscope has been turned into a grilling unit to prepare crispy meat for BBQ enthusiasts. This style of barbecuing method seems to be good for the low-and-slow cooking method that doesn’t overcook the outer layers of the meat while cooking. It also retains the flavor of the meat without any spillage around it.

The Gyroscope BBQ Grill was spotted at the Grill Master Campeonato Nacional de Parrilladas (Grill Master National Barbecue Championship) in Monterrey, Mexico. Although it’s not available for purchase yet and we’re not sure whether it will hit the market any time soon or not. But one thing we are certain about is that it offers a clever way of barbecuing meat without any manual effort.

One just has to fix the meat to the device and leave it for cooking – though we don’t know how much time it takes for cooking and whether it cooks the meat evenly or not. However, you can watch the video given above to see how this device works.


Via: BoredPanda

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