Ignite Grill Turns Charcoal Grilling Smart With Push-Button Ignition System

Ignite grill

Everyone loves to barbecue in summer. But many people don’t like the hassle that comes with charcoal grills. After all, it’s quite complicated to ignite the grill (and it comes with an associated risk of fire) to enjoy smokey meals with this technique.

That’s why many people are now shifting to hassle-free, easy-to-use gas grills or electric grills. However, that amazing smokey flavor that comes with charcoal grilling remains missing in the gas and electric grills. That’s why Boston-based senior industrial designer Joshua Harris has come up with the Ignite Grill to make charcoal grilling smarter and easier.

Working with the Ignite team, the designer created a smarter version of the charcoal grill that makes the barbecuing process easier with a push-button ignition system. The ignition system works with proprietary charcoal cartridges.

The design team wanted to make it easier to control the temperature on a charcoal grill. Hence, they created a grill that’s intuitive, extremely easy, and shows accurate temperatures. Hence, they designed an interface that’s displayed on things a griller can handle instantly.

Ignite smart grill

This grill even includes ample fans and ducts to stock the flames or to let cooler air get into the system to accurately increase and decrease the temperature in various zones.

With all this, Ignite hopes that its new charcoal grill can meet the standards and expectations of seasoned pitmasters. Besides its high-quality design and top-notch technology, the system is quite easy to use even for the novice BBQ owner.

Ignite grill boasts a small preparation area

What’s more amazing about this grill is that it comes attached to a small preparation area. In this section, you can quickly dice a few ingredients or keep the spices, butter, or seasoning to add instantly to the smoked meat or veggies. There are also smart controls on the device to make it easier to manage the cooking process.

Ignite smart charcoal grill

According to us, it will be a whole new experience to prepare grilled food on this smart charcoal grill. However, we’re not sure when it will hit the market, as it is still under development. Stay tuned for more updates!

Ignite grill electronic temperature display & dial control

Via: JoshuaHarris

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