Things To Keep in Mind When Igniting a Charcoal Grill

Things To Keep in Mind When Igniting a Charcoal Grill

Want to start a charcoal grill? This is easy but not as easier as igniting a stove. You need to know the right procedure and steps to start a charcoal grill to ensure that it fires up the right way. Here we share with you some step-by-step instructions for starting a grill with charcoal. While there are various ways to do that, we’ll discuss igniting a charcoal grill using a lighter fluid.

But before getting into the steps, let’s acquaint you with a few tips mentioned here:

Understand how to prepare a grill

If it’s your first time dealing with a charcoal grill, you need to consider some things. First, you need to remember that these are not very intuitive like electric or gas grilling units. However, it does not make it less functional. You need to do the given things to prepare a grill before lighting it.

Things To Keep in Mind When Igniting a Charcoal Grill

Before adding charcoal to your grill, you need to thoroughly clean the grill properly. If you work with a new grill, you may skip this tip. However, if you are using an old charcoal grill, you need to ensure that it’s perfectly spotless before igniting it. Do remove any debris and grime before you start working on it.

Pick the right type of charcoal

There are distinct types of charcoals to select from. We recommend choosing one from the best brands. The premium charcoals will burn clean with a light smoky scent. Some premium fuels even have less moisture content, due to which they have very less smoke while igniting.

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Typically, premium quality charcoal consists of all-natural hardwood that includes a mixture of hickory, oak, pecan, and maple wood. So, it will light easily with less smoke and long burn.

Know how to arrange charcoal

While it is very basic, you must never dump charcoal onto a grill and think for a good fire. You have to put the pieces in a well-arranged manner to get the best results.

Things To Keep in Mind When Igniting a Charcoal Grill

How To Ignite Your Charcoal Grill Using Lighter Fluid

It is a technique that many old grill masters prefer. But it is a tried and tested technique. Nonetheless, you need to know that using lighter fluid is potentially dangerous if you don’t use it properly. Many times people try to ignite fire inappropriately. They do so by adding excessive fluid than what’s required. So, if you are choosing a lighter fluid, it’s best to follow the given steps:

Step 1: Keep coals in a properly arranged manner

It is best to keep them in a pyramid-like arrangement. Also, make sure to put them in a large base and further stack the charcoals into more and more small layers.

Step 2: Evenly add lighter fluid over the coals

As per the directions mentioned in the instruction manual, you need to put lighter fluid evenly over the coals for better and quick ignition.

Things To Keep in Mind When Igniting a Charcoal Grill

Step 3: It’s best to wait for around 30 seconds

Let the coals absorb the poured liquid over it for around 30 seconds before you ignite it.

Step 4: Ignite charcoal grill

You can use a match stick or a lighter for igniting the coals at various places. Never add excessive lighter fluid when the coals are on fire.

Step 5: Add the grate when the coals start turning white

After the coals ignite, they will start turning white. It indicates that they are ready to use. You need to spread those coals evenly and after that add a grate over the coals for starting the grilling process.

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